RISE-New Video!


For those of you who don't know, we have been recording a song a month to pitch to artists and agencies for soundtracks, and to release this song we've been making a video to go with them. This month we are very proud to present RISE. 

This song was originally on our "Break Ups & Break Downs" Album which had an Americana feel, but we always felt that it was more of an anthem. We came up with a new arrangement that we are really proud of.

This video features 8 brave women that agreed to share their stories in the hopes of reaching out to others that might be going through the same thing. We all have "scars that grace our skin," whether we choose to show them or keep them to ourselves. But everyday, we choose to fight. We choose to RISE.

Feel free to share!!

xoxo The Better Half


Brand New Song & Video!!


Today's a very exciting day for The Better Half..we're releasing our first song in a year and a half along with a video to go with it!! Most of you know that we've been accepted to a few agencies who are pitching our music for tv and movie soundtracks, but we also want to pitch some songs for artists to use and this is one of them.

This song is called "Me & My Broken Heart." It's a song about that person you were always too good for and didn't deserve you. Sometimes we just need a little reminder that they don't deserve our time or tears and that they were just getting us one person closer to the right one.

So let this song be your reminder of how much love you deserve and let this video be what you replay when you think you made the wrong choice, but deep down know that you want something more...something better.

The Better Half xoxo



Upcoming Show!


Come check us out at The Hickory Hog in Point Pleasant, NJ...our favorite BBQ place!!



February's New Video!


Check out our video for "Forget Me Not" and go to our Video page for more!