The Better Half

            What do you get when you combine a southern rocker, a lyricist, an artist and a punk rocker? The short answer -‚ÄčThe Better Half. The long answer-A unique blend of the freshness that comes with youth and the experience that comes with age. Hailing from Toms River, NJ, The Better Half is made up of Sonny Prewitt, Marie Wagner, Melanie Schantz & Brian Schantz.

           For the past 6 years, Melanie & Sonny have been playing out in an acoustic duo along the Jersey Shore, all the while writing and recording original music with Marie & Brian. They have over 1,000 shows and 2 albums under their belts so far, and continue to play out. Their albums, which were previously released on iTunes under Melanie as the artist, are available to stream or download on the Music page. Taking pride in their DIY approach, they did everything from recording and mixing right in the living room, to Melanie designing all the artwork for the albums.
          Moving forward, they are mastering songs for licensing that will also be available to stream or download. Contact Marie for any inquiries.

Meet the Team

Melanie (The Artist) 

Marie (The Lyricist)

Sonny (The Southern Rocker)

Brian (The Punk Rocker)